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MSI R7 370 Screen tearing with V-sync on // Problems disappear on TV screen plugged through HDMI

Question asked by garrow on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by soupis

Hello, recently I've bought a new PC with following specs:

Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz

MSI AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB 1030MHz

Kingston 8GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz

ASUS H110M-K Motherboard

Windows 10 64bit

I'm having problems with screen tearing when I run games on this PC. I'm using my old NEC Accusync LCD193wm 60Hz screen playing World of Warcraft and first Mass Effect in 1440x900 resolution in 60fps. In both games I experience severe screen tearing with V-sync off. Turning V-sync on reduces tearing significantly but not completely and I still experience some minor screen tearing. It isn't noticeable in shooting segments in Mass Effect or when I raid with many other players in WoW, but otherwise, when I explore the game worlds it is still there. I tried turning on the following options in AMD Radeon Settings App: Wait for Vertical Refresh [Always ON] & Open GL Triple Buffering [ON], however I didn't solve my problems. I plugged in a NEC Accusync LCD93v screen but the problem was still there. But when I plugged in a Samsung Le32e420 60Hz TV Screen to my computer through the HDMI port all the problems disappeared. Both NEC screens have been plugged through DVI-I port after going through a VGA-DVI adapter. I've bought a new VGA-DVI cable to plug in the screen but it didn't help. Could it be the screen's fault if there weren't any problems with a TV screen plugged through HDMI? Or DVI port's fault since two (altough old) computer screens shared the same problem? I didn't have chance to try plugging in any other screen. If you know if there is some solution to my problem, please let me know!


Thank you in advance!