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Gigabyte RX480 8Gb still runs 100% GPU Usage after closing application/game.

Question asked by господинделија on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by господинделија

So, the title of thread pretty much explains what is the problem. The GPU is using newest update (16.8.2), it`s not overclocked, no viruses or malware (checked with malwarebytes and windows defender), newest BIOS on motherboard (MSi Z170A G-43 Plus), CPU is i5 6600K and PSU is Seasonic M12IIEVO 620W. The only way to stop this usage is to restart my PC, because there are no malware or viruses that work in the background. Checked numerous time TaskManager and even tried to stop some processes and services, nothing helped. This was happening with old drivers also. What can be the problem, is the card maybe defected?