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Crimson Issues

Question asked by waterygrave69 on Aug 31, 2016

I am running windows 7 64bit with an all new built system. I used an older graphics card, that worked without issue, that I believe was an HD series possibly a 6xxx. I upgraded only the graphics card to a new XFX RX 480 card. I had to reinstall the amd software because the old version did not support the new card, a popup told me this. So I downloaded the latest crimson 16.7.3 package and installed. After installation, my screen will blink randomly at times when something graphical is to happen and after a few times of this would blue screen. After each blink I get a popup saying graphics driver stopped responding. I boot into safe mode and absolutely no issues graphically, but can't open radeon settings. I browse to the files and inside is an app called AMDCleanupUtility.exe. I run it and it removes all the radeon software, reboot into normal windows and no more display issues. Device manager now says standard VGA adapter, so I can't make many graphic card changes. Try to reinstall and the same process all over again. I did lately run the install, watch it load a bunch of files to the C:/AMD directory and then close the install program. In device manager do an update to the graphics adapter and it now knows what it is. I still can't adjust much to the card though, but I do not have the blinking screen and blue screen issue anymore. AMD, it would seem that you have some major issues with your crimson software that is not compatible and causing people a lot of problems. Can you fix that soon please? Steam won't let me play any of their games for some reason now too.