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RX460 black screen problem: Disable Game DVR in Xbox app makes my desktop becomes black/blank after CSGO. Any idea how to fix it?

Question asked by j2ee on Aug 31, 2016

nd the only way to turn the computer off while black/blank screen is pressing power button to let Windows 10 normally shut down (not holding power button to force shut down). Once I turn on computer again everything is normal. And Once I turn on DVR again then I can see desktop normally after CSGO. I am using the new RX460 graphic card so I guess that is the issue. Any idea how to solve this? I can just turn on DVR now and CSGO would start with fps 30 sometimes, but once I restart CSGO or change the video setting little bit then can get over the 30 fps problem. Sometimes just no 30 fps problem even just start the CSGO without doing anything.


my desktop has no problem and perfect as long as I turn on the xbox app DVR, look like more of a driver problem or windows 10 anniversary update issue.


Basically my RX460 only works with CSGO only with xbox app DVR on. Even I turn DVR on then sign off in xbox app, then CSGO starts with "press win+ ??? button" and that means xbox app DVR is running. As long as I turn off DVR or uninstall xbox app then black screen after CSGO go or alt+cltr+delete to desktop. If I uninstall xbox app then cannot fix it again even I install xbox app again, I did a fresh install windows 10 after trying this.


Some people have the exact problem as me after anniversary update:


Any idea how to solve it?