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AMD AM4 Motherboards

Question asked by mistered on Aug 31, 2016

With all the talk about AMD's new Zen there has been very little on any motherboards to support it. Yesterday there was an article about there being buzz about there being AM4 motherboards in October. I hope this true because unless there are motherboards available before the end of the year then that would mean that the Summit Ridge may have been pushed back again. I realize that Bristol Ridge will be coming out first but since they will be sharing the socket then the development of both have to be completed before the motherboard manufactures can finalize designs.

Rumor : AMD Zen & Bristol Ridge AM4 Motherboards Coming In October


The first motherboard pre-production units will go out to testers that will be have pre-production Bristol Ridge and Summit Ridge CPUs to test. I know they will have signed NDAs but maybe they will at least say they are doing it even if they can't give out any details. That will at least give us that are waiting encouragement that the wait will soon be over.


The only thing that worries me are rumors a couple months ago about the USB 3.1 issue. I hope that has been solved. I also hope that by October we will know whether AMD is either close to or has gone into production of Zen CPUs. In any case we will know one way or another by CES 2017 in January.