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AMD drivers break MSAA in TheCrew

Question asked by arcticgamez on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by arcticgamez

when i turn MSAA on in the crew it casts a shadow of the surrounding objects as seen in these photos i can not go back to a lower driver as i wont be able to play Battlefield or newer games that come out as they force me to update in order to play. this problem started back on driver 16.4 and still current on 16.7


this is what happens with MSAA on

TheCrew 2016-08-30 21-56-51-18.png


this is MSAA off

TheCrew 2016-08-30 21-57-07-42.png


Driver 16.7.3 (you can see the msaa broken on the right of photo)

The Crew2016-8-30-22-58-42.jpg


Driver 16.3.2 (msaa is on and no broken effects like above)

The Crew2016-8-30-23-24-39.jpg