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      I found so many similar threads.

      So this little big problem with Rx480 has any fixes ? The newest drivers won't do it .. Neither the old ones.

      My specs: 750W PSU Active PFC

                        FX-8370 Octa Core 4GHz

                        8 RAM

      I will add that the psu and processor are just bought , graphics card too. Just installed and got this TREMENDOUS problem..

      Any fixes guys ?

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          Sorry but you are going to have to describe the issue fully if you are going to report a problem otherwise if it is the same problem as another thread you should be posting in that one.

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              I didn't have any clue with what was happening in my case. But now i know. My GPU Fan doesn't spin. And I don't know why because the graphics card it's new .. So if my gpu fan doesn't spin , my graphics card overheats and when it reachs 95C my pc shuts down.