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A10 8700P no longer works in Linux with new amdgpu driver

Question asked by cyrwyn on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by amdpete

Since the upgrade to Xorg 1.18 and the removal of fglrx driver I can only use vesa at 800x600. The newer 4.7.2 kernel may have some amdgpu upgrades, but is in testing and has some problems that make it unusable. This is in an HP 17g121wm Pavillion laptop that is only about 9 months old and still a current model. I think this card had R6 graphics, but that is hard to determine. The hardware detection tells me that it is a Carrizo and should use the amdgpu-pro driver at 1600x900 with 16M colors, which I had been using under fglrx. Booting up with this configuration causes the computer to lose all output and input, i. e., the screen blanks and there is no response from the keyboard. I can only power off. Using nomodeset in the boot command line gets me to the default vesa driver, so I at least have a functional screen. The PCLinux forum people are trying to help, but they think AMD has fallen down on its job supporting this chipset.