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Please help Battlefield 1 , Radeon R9 M370X

Question asked by dylanj on Aug 31, 2016
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Please can you help me - I'm desperately trying to play BF 1 on my new Macbook Pro Retina, it has a Radeon R9 M370X but I get this error:


Detected AMD Radeon driver version 15.301.2101. The required driver version is 6.20.1025 or later. Please update your drivers at before playing the game.


I tried downloading the latest from AMD site (non-whql and whql) - also tried disabling Driver signing enforcement and editing the INFs of the drivers to comment out the ExcludeId= line, wihout any luck - if I try to force it, it says it's not compatible with my version of windows (I'm running Windows 10).


Is there anything I can do?