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XFX RX 470 solid/flickering green display and mouse cursor corruption

Question asked by moonstar on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by pointbreakz

CPU FX 6300
RAM 16GB DDR3 1600
MB ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty


Display Vizio 43" 4k display E43U-D2 @ 1440p 60Hz

Windows 10 Pro 64

driver 16.7.3


Sometimes my screen will turn solid green, with the background barely visible at the top edge, and begin flickering.  - Changing inputs stops this most of the time.
While in the Crimson utility I sometimes get 'No Signal' error or the green flickering.
When playing games my cursor corrupts becoming five thin horizontal lines. - Requires reboot to fix.


With GPUZ 10.0 I have yet to see my GPU hit 100%, max temp has been around 63C, fan speed with my custom settings reaches up to 89% when >55C.  I was running 16.2 when I uninstalled my R9 270x and installed the RX 470, then upgraded up to 16.8.  I have since done a full driver uninstall and reinstalled 16.7.3, however I still get these issues.  With 16.2 I continuously got 'Display Driver Stopped Working' and now I get this.  Does anyone know a fix for these crazy bug outs?  Any help appreciated, thank you.