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    XFX RX 470 solid/flickering green display and mouse cursor corruption


      CPU FX 6300
      RAM 16GB DDR3 1600
      MB ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty

      GPU XFX RX 470

      Display Vizio 43" 4k display E43U-D2 @ 1440p 60Hz

      Windows 10 Pro 64

      driver 16.7.3


      Sometimes my screen will turn solid green, with the background barely visible at the top edge, and begin flickering.  - Changing inputs stops this most of the time.
      While in the Crimson utility I sometimes get 'No Signal' error or the green flickering.
      When playing games my cursor corrupts becoming five thin horizontal lines. - Requires reboot to fix.


      With GPUZ 10.0 I have yet to see my GPU hit 100%, max temp has been around 63C, fan speed with my custom settings reaches up to 89% when >55C.  I was running 16.2 when I uninstalled my R9 270x and installed the RX 470, then upgraded up to 16.8.  I have since done a full driver uninstall and reinstalled 16.7.3, however I still get these issues.  With 16.2 I continuously got 'Display Driver Stopped Working' and now I get this.  Does anyone know a fix for these crazy bug outs?  Any help appreciated, thank you.