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    Radeon HD 6950 can't update drivers




      I'm trying to update my drivers since my Radeon Settings app(CNext) says there is a new update available.


      so to give some more details here are my options:


      Currently installed 15.301.1901-160226a

      New 16.30.2311-160718a

      New 16.7.2 (Beta)


      I tried it with both options:


      Update now > launch installer > download driver update.

      The installer opens and says his :


      Setuo will install Non-WHQL NI-EG Radeon Software Crimson edition 16.2.1 (15.301.1901 Beta5-160226a 64 bit windows 10....

      So I hit install then the AMD Installer opens and it tries to install the same exact version the I already have 15.301.1901-160226a...


      I tried both new options and everytime the installer just says the same thing : AMD driver already installed and up to date.


      Why can't I update to the latest drivers ?

      If I try to launch a game it even says " update your drivers to 16.20.1025 before you play " so I'm just stuck with my old drivers.


      please help.

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          Your product has reached peak optimization and there will be no new drivers released for it.


          The last driver released for your product was Crimson 16.2.1 which has an internal driver version of 15.301.1901.


          It is also below the minimum system requirements for that beta game of a HD 7850

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              So there's nothing I can Do Ray? Is there a phone number I can call Maybe I cant talk with them to get a newer Graphic card but then I read online people are having issues with the PC Comp I have upgrading there Card due to something with the BIO and also the "power Supply" issues overheating I think I read it a while back when I thought of updating cause I added so many 1Tigabytye Hard Drives in this tower I just cant afford to go out and buy a new pc, but its a Dell XPS 8300 64bit/x64-based processor also RAm is 8.00GB Processor is Intel Core i7 3.40ghz

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              Well that just sucks lol!!! I have the same issue my Only difference Between me and ale04 I have a


              Radeon HD: AMD Radeon HD 6450,Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.,(0


                 Why wont Radeon do like a trade in deal like send a new that's update compatible kind of like  Microsoft does with Windows. Like they will say ok Updates are being no longer supported  or rolling out for 32bit and 64 bit with Windows 7 but what they did last July if I am not mistaken or around that time they gave you the option for a free Upgrade using your License Key For the one you already purchased that came with your PC TOWER. I don't know just a idea For AMD!?!?!?!? I know I need a better Graphic Card anyways I just don't have the extra 175$ dollars for a decent one. ANd besides kind of like my grandfather always said (GOD REST HIS SOLE) "If it's not broke don't mess with it"!!!