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Cannot launch battlefield 1 because of the "old" drivers

Question asked by elvenneko on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by alpere

My card is HD6850 and i cannot launch the game because i cannot download and install driver that battlefield 1 needs. For some reason it refuses to be installed for my video card, but... game can be played on HD7850? What? There is almost zero difference between those 2 cards. Maybe i will get 2-3 less fps, but that's all... Can you please release the newest driver version that i will be able to install for my card, please? My month income here, in Ukraine is 40$ so i cannot just "buy a new card" every few years, but i am the amd customer for last 15 years already, and i turst that you will resolve this issue before the one-week beta of battlefield 1 ends, so i could actually try the game.


p.s. Or just give me some way to bypass it and install newest drivers anyway, some way to make them think that i have 7850?