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R7 M360 problem still persists

Question asked by sandrino on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by sandrino

I have tested this graphics card to no end and done everything I could to make it work as it should ( my computer is the acer aspire E5-552g-T3A1) with the cpu being the A10 8700p and the os being windows 10. The game stutters like mad on it and when I bring up gpu-z or msi afterburner then it shows that the speed (Mhz) of the gpu jumping up and down from 0 to 1125 mhz every other second. Before you ask, yes I have set my entire laptop to run at full speed all the time and all of my drivers are up to date, strangely enough the speed of the gpu can go from stable to jittery depending on what the gpu is trying to render.


Even stranger, it is possible to temporarily fix it by rapidly plugging in and out the charger multiple times, then it becomes stable for the next two minutes or so.

If you are asking, no it is not an issue with the thermals as they are actually quite low at 60 degrees celsius. All this points to either a issue with the bios ( mine is up to date by the way) or the drivers.