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Killed my R9 290. D4002 on PCB blown.

Question asked by tps07 on Aug 29, 2016
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Hi guys,


I have (had) 3 R9 290s and was installing a water-cooler on the last card that didn't have one. I'm thinking somehow during the process, either from physical contact or maybe some water leakage I didn't see, one of the other cards stopped working.


After working on the software end of it for hours (reinstall windows etc), I looked at the board itself and found something that looked like it blew. It's labelled D4002.


Can anyone tell me if this card is salvageable? As of right now, if it's the only card in the PC it will not boot. If I put it along with the other two, the pci-e lane light on the motherboard comes on and I can feel the card getting warm. However, in windows the screen will go black and can't do anything.


The location on the pcb where the part is is shown where the light is shining in the pcb pic. I also took a pic of another board were the part is as it should be.


Thanks so much in advance.