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RX 480 Windows 10 screen goes blank - black

Question asked by mveamd5 on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by redhen256

On Windows 10 Professional, driver 16.7.3, when in desktop mode after just a few minutes the monitor goes blank but still has a video signal.  The only thing to do is to turn off the power.


However, when playing a full screen game, for many hours, it's fine.


Also, on Linux / Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, my main OS,  using the AMD drivers, there is no problem in desktop mode.


This problem thus is with a defect in the driver software unique to Windows in desktop mode, not a hardware problem.


Windows is not usable at this time other than for games.



Z-170 motherboard, i7-6700k, 4K DP display.

Card: RX 480 MSI Gaming X 8GB, 8-pin.


I used Intel HD530 previously for ~8 months with zero problems.