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    Problem with the temperatures.


      Hello everyone i have a problem with the temperatures of my pc when im playing a game.

      First of all this is my pc: https://i.gyazo.com/09e35b7f7c48926d080c1c01c2dd148a.png  as u can see its amd : P

      Now the problem is this: When im playing a game the temperatures of my pc are fine but sometimes my fps jumps from 60 to 20-25 for no reason, and when i check the temperatures, everytime i get the 20-25fps the temperature of my pc is lower. u'll understand better with following pics:


      Before playing: https://i.gyazo.com/ded1205b8fbb36aa6ecd702b88889658.png

      While im playing i have 60fps: https://i.gyazo.com/9ccea94dcfcd92224fa524dc025911a6.png

      And when i get the fps drop from 60 to 20-25: https://i.gyazo.com/2a6496f3450a8562ddbbbdde299e8128.png  as u can see "temp3" and "core" are so much lower, and i dont know why, thats why i am here.

      I have to say that I play with 20-25fps during 15-30secs and then i get back my 60 fps. but this happens very often so its so annoying.

      So i'd like to know how to fix that fps/temperature drop.


      Program used for the temperatures is speed fan and the temperatures screenshots are done while im playing battlefield 1 ( it happens with other games as well like GTA V or battlefield 3 and 4, so its not battefield).

      Hope u guys understand everything and sorry for my english :C

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          What is your enclosure?  How many case fans do you have?  How big are they?  How are they positioned (intake/exhaust)?...  What revision is your mother board?  What BIOS version do you have?...  What is your ambient temperatures (temps in Canada are vastly different then temps in India, no matter what time of year!)?


          And next time...  do NOT post a pic of your system.  Post something we can copy/paste from...  I am not a fan of googling things I can't just paste the info into.


          Also, Speedfan is not the best app...  I like it, but it's not great....  How about you use OCCT and take a screenie like this:8454d0f2c2a04832bdec669b8e7eb1df.png


          Plus...  links to screenshots are just plain annoying!



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              I have 3 fans and one of them is pretty big and its really close to the GPU.20160831_160153.jpg as u can see i think that fan is one of the problems, should I buy a new one? xD ( When i bought it i thought it was smaller :c)


              Version of my bios is: "American Megatrends Inc. F2i, 7/10/2014". and its UEFI.


              And here is the pic of OCCT, i just downloaded it so i dont really know if the picture is useful for you because i dont know how it works.


              And sorry about the pictures, im new here and im not really good with the pc as well. Tell me if u need anything more. Thanks !

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              In addition to maintaining a clean HSF, PC fans and case, you may need to add some additional cooling to the VRM circuit which is around the outside of the CPU area. With 8-core AMD processors they draw a lot of power that has to come to the CPU via the VRM circuit. If the VRM circuit doesn't have sufficient cooling it will overheat just like the CPU and throttle the CPU frequency. You can see this in the OCCT graphs as the vcore typically drops to ~.875v  and the frequency to 1400 MHz. for a few seconds while things cool then it goes back to full CPU frequency of 4 GHz. for a few seconds until the CPU or VRM overheats and then drops down to 1400 MHz. again. This cycle will continue over and over until proper cooling is incorporated into your PC.


              When you change the direction of the HSF, a better fan would help cooling considerably as the one you have appears to be a narrow style fan. You need good airflow and fan speed for the larger tower style coolers to perform at their best. Also make sure the fan settings in your BIOS and O/S are set for 100% or maximum as by default they are usually only around 75%.

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                  - I'll try to change the rotation of the fan and if that doesn't work i'll buy a new one smaller. Any suggestions of a good one?


                  - How can i set the fan settings to 100%? I checked my bios and there is nothing.

                  - Am i getting the fps drops because of that fan? Thanks

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                      I've been trying to move the fan but i cant, its just too big, but if that fan is too big, i can buy a new one smaller.


                      So i'd like to know, is that fan the problem of my fps drop? if that's the problem, i'll buy a new fan smaller.


                      Any suggestions of a new one?

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                          The mobo/CPU fan speeds are usually adjustable in either or both the mobo BIOS or the O/S.  Moving to a smaller CPU cooler is not a good idea. Usually the CPU cooler makers design them so they can be installed to direct the heat to the rear of the case where it can exit more easily. A top mounted PSU will help remove the hot air as it rises in the PC case. Make sure the fan speeds for the mobo/CPU cooler and also the case fans are high enough to remove the heat from the PC case. The CPU fan looks thin so a better fan might be all that is needed IF the fan speeds are running at 100%.


                          You can also remove the PC case side panels and see if that lowers the temp. You can use a temp. small fan blowing on the VRM circuit/CPU cooler to see if that helps lower the temps and/or eliminated the drop in CPU frequency and FPS.