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Problem with the temperatures.

Question asked by bensu on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by techguy

Hello everyone i have a problem with the temperatures of my pc when im playing a game.

First of all this is my pc:  as u can see its amd : P

Now the problem is this: When im playing a game the temperatures of my pc are fine but sometimes my fps jumps from 60 to 20-25 for no reason, and when i check the temperatures, everytime i get the 20-25fps the temperature of my pc is lower. u'll understand better with following pics:


Before playing:

While im playing i have 60fps:

And when i get the fps drop from 60 to 20-25:  as u can see "temp3" and "core" are so much lower, and i dont know why, thats why i am here.

I have to say that I play with 20-25fps during 15-30secs and then i get back my 60 fps. but this happens very often so its so annoying.

So i'd like to know how to fix that fps/temperature drop.


Program used for the temperatures is speed fan and the temperatures screenshots are done while im playing battlefield 1 ( it happens with other games as well like GTA V or battlefield 3 and 4, so its not battefield).

Hope u guys understand everything and sorry for my english :C