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    Screen just has vertical lines - can't do anything


      I'm using a Dell desktop running Windows 8.1.


      I was having a problem with Nero and their forum suggested uninstalling the AMD drivers and then running auto detect and installing new drivers.


      The uninstall went fine and auto detect said I should download  install a certain package. So I did that and it said restart now. When I did that after the restart all I have is lines on the screen and the computer won't work. The lines are vertical, sometimes grey and white, sometimes various colours.


      How can I fix this?




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          I ended up contacting Dell support. They suggested disconnecting my second monitor and restarting the computer. After that, the destop reappeared as normal. The technician said to run the short diagnostics test on the Dell support page and I then installed the drivers recommended by the Dell technician. Everything seems back to normal now.