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RX 480 not being detected

Question asked by arcn4 on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by arcn4

Just got a new XFX RX 480 from overclockers and installed, however the computer does not seem to be detecting the card.  It has its lights on and is getting power, so I'm pretty sure it’s connected properly.  When running the cd with the drivers or the driver installations from amd website, it only allows the amd install manager and the HDMI audio drivers to be installed; nothing else appears on the list.  It has not attempted to reboot after any on the installations, so I’m not even sure if the drivers are being added.

Prior to adding the new card I did boot it in safe mode to wipe my computer of nvidia and amd drivers that may have been on there using DDU.  I do not appear to be having any screen issues other than when both monitors are connected they both display the same screen.  It does not appear to be able to detect both monitors as separate.  Device manager lists the display adapter as 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' and attempting to manually give it drivers (right click -> update driver software -> browse -> C:\AMD\Packages\Drivers\Radeon-Crimson-16.7.3-atihdw76-64bit-160728) leads to the computer telling me drivers are up to date.  Booting the driver installer and selecting uninstall only leads to it allowing the hdmi audio drivers and the install manager to be removed.  AMD auto detect has been able to detect the presence of an rx 400 series but attempting to install results only in it installing the audio drivers and Install manger. Attempting to install or closing it and booting a different driver installer results in the auto detect to no longer be able to detect and amd card. Running it and then closing it and re-opening it (not opening any other programs prior to re-open) does not seem to cause it to lose detection.  I do not know what causes it to be able to detect the card as it seems to do it random, tends to work after running DDU or running the driver uninstall.


Have attempted to fix, including:

Changed PCI slot

DDU on both nvidia and amd drivers and then installed drivers

Used auto detect, driver 16.8.2 and 16.7.3 download, XFX driver cd (came with card) and XFX ISO cd that was posted on reddit that helped with similar problem

Have used this( software control center thing that helped a reddit user with similar problem.


Other notes

This ( is what i am presented when I try to install drivers and select what I want

Reddit thread that had similar problem that I reffered to ( )

Am running Windows 7

Link to specific card that I bought (XFX Radeon RX 480 GTR Black Edition 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express G… | OcUK )


Appologies if I've doen anything wrong, new to amd tech and not the most tech savy person when it comes to hardware.