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What is the most powerful AMD processor with Integrated graphics compatible with windows xp?  (For both Socket Fm2+ and AM3+)

Question asked by zed111 on Aug 28, 2016

I want to run Windows XP, I purchased two motherboards so far a MSI A68HM Grenade and a MSI A88X-G45  Both are FM2+ boards

So far I have an A4-7300 AMD chip.


I have not yet built the system because I am not sure I can run Windows XP 32 bit.

Both motherboards have Windows XP Drivers for the boards!  However, I am not sure which is the best chip for Windows XP on these boards? Since I do not know the best chip that still will do graphics good on Windows XP.  I need crisp graphics for two monitors 1920x1200 each, however, I do not need them for gaming, just good performance.


All I need is to know which processor I should buy from AMD to give me the most performance, cost is not a factor, I just want to run Windows XP.


If there is no good solution, then if I go to an AM3+ board, since there is no on chip graphics, which chip is OK for Win XP? (highest performance.)


Thank you very much for any assistance.


(I have bought these motherboards specifically because they support Windows XP, and that is why I am going with AMD over Intel, for Windows XP support.)