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    Infinite Loop of "New Driver Ready For Download"




      My computer specs are below.



      When I recently updated my computer (Windows OS), I kept on receiving an infinite loop of "There is a new driver available to download, click to install or skip."

      So I downloaded the driver, ran the install, and restarted my computer. After turning my machine back on, it kept on repeating the same pop-up, so I downloaded the installer again and ran it. After it turned on, the same pop-up flashed again. So I decided to download the Crimson Software BETA, instead of the Catalyst software, to see if that would make a difference. After I installed the software and driver, restarted the machine I went into the settings and searched for newer updates. Upon finding the newer update, I downloaded it restarted my computer and it seemed to have fixed itself, though the Catalyst removed the Crimson application from my shortcut menu.




      Has anyone else experienced this? Or was this some sort of glitch in the software, as my computer was "out of date" and it was trying to play catch-up?

      I always check for updates every time I turn my computer on, so I am not quite sure why it was happening/saying my drivers were out of date.


      Catalyst installer:



      Crimson Installer:


      Thank you all in advance!