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Dual Graphics Code 43 Issue

Question asked by adivis90 on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by kingfish

I recently updated the processor so its current specs are


CPU: AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.30 GHz

GPU: Dual - HD 7600M (Driver Version 8.982.0.0) + HD 7660G (Driver Version 8.982.0.0)


OS: Windows 8


I used the latest AMD Catalyst (15.7.1) but it only installed drivers for 7600M. I manually installed driver for the other card. The issue now is that device manager throws up a Code 43 (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems) when I try to enable both. I can enable each of them individually at any point.


It is also strange that the Catalyst control center does not display any other options apart from CPU Power under Performance and only displays the power option.


Thanks in advance.