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ASUS MG279 FreeSync "not supported" in Radeon settings

Question asked by emc on Aug 28, 2016
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After searching through forum posts and help pages I have been unable to get FreeSync working with my ASUS MG297 and AMD HD7950.


  • I have a fresh windows 10 install and the latest AMD drivers for my HD7950.
  • I have enabled FreeSync 35Hz to 90Hz on my ASUS MG279 on screen display.
  • Monitor and graphics card connected with a mini display port cable.
  • Display was originally running at 30Hz on desktop, I have used CRU and modified it to run at 60Hz (within the FreeSync range)
  • According to this list my GPU does have FreeSync support.
  • I have two other displays connected to the GPU via DVI but disconnecting these does not change anything.


In the Radeon Settings application on display page it says AMD FreeSync not supported underneath the ASUS monitor.


Any pointers to get it working? Am I missing something super obvious?