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Sapphire R9 380 still randomly freezing on Fallout 4.

Question asked by mimz on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by vonchen

Hello all.


Since November, I was randomly freezing on fallout 4. My specs : i5 3570k / 8 Go RAM / Sapphire R9 380. At the beginning it was with a black screen "monitor going to sleep". Now it's my computer totally frozen, and I have to restart it manually. I fixed my issue while doing this : browsing local files, and switching the 3 applications (fallout 4, fallout 4 launcher and fallout 4 original launcher) on windows 7 compatibility mode + ran as an administrator.


Then after having finished far harbor (I've never got a freeze on far harbor), I decided to begin automatron. But my computer got frozen totally, and I had to restart it manually.

First happened when talking to ada. When I started the mission, I didn't get a mark on the pip-boy's map. I went to it, and the freeze happened.

2nd time, when I was trying to sleep into the red rocket after having implanted the memory in Ada.

Usually, I'm not freezing, and didn't freeze since a long time. Do you think this is an issue with automatron ? Last night, I got a freeze while building a settlement at Croup manor.


  • Windows and drivers all up to date.
  • CPU temp is around 50°C in game, and GPU around 62°C in game.
  • The chkdsk repaired 5 days ago some mistakes.
  • SFC /SCANNOW (cmd admin tool) doesn't find any mistake on my hard disk.
  • Fallout 4's local files are ok.
  • Not using any mods.
  • Windows event viewer isn't showing anything wrong.
  • RAM memory check tool doesn't find any error.


I don't understand where it could come from. I got again a freeze, while my GPU was around 52°, so not coming from temperature. I had to restart manually my computer, and once on the desktop, I got the message "wattman settings had to restart due to unexpected system failure", or something like this. I'm on 16.8.2 drivers.


I'm still waiting for a fix, I've got this card since august 2015.


Thanks for your help.