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    AMD display drivers caused my keyboard and mouse not to work!


      Help! When I expressed installed the latest AMD display drivers from the tray icon my keyboard and mouse no longer work.  After googling the problem, the USB drivers may be messed up.  I have tried everything.  I tried reinstalling the chipset drivers for my motherboard.  I tried reinstalling the AMD display drivers.  I tried going into the device manager and installing the drivers for my logitech keyboard and g700 mouse (two of each were listed there, both with exclamation points, under "other devices"...weird).  I tried a system restore - but no save point was listed (really weird).  I can put in a flash drive in any usb port and it works.  When I plug in my keyboard and mouse I hear the gentle ping/tone of recognizing my keyboard and mouse but neither are working.  I have been navigating windows with a ps/2 keyboard that thankfully works.  Ever try to navigate windows and the internet without a mouse? UGH!!!  I am at my wits end.  I am about to do a fresh install of windows , backing stuff up as we speak.  Please, can anyone help?  I will check back here often to answer any questions/info you may need answered.

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          Since you haven't posted your system specs I doubt anyone would be able to help you.

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            Oh I apologize for being such a newbie.  Here are my specs:


            Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-HD3 Intel Z77 Crossfire SATA 3 USB 3.0

            Processor: i5-3570K 3.4ghz 6m LGA1155

            Memory: 8gb DDR3 / 1600mhz

            Harddrive : 1tb SATA III 7200rpm 3.5"

            CD Player : Samsung 24x DVD/RW

            Power: Xtremegear 600w 80 plus

            Cooling: Coolermaster Seidon 120m cooler

            GPU: AMD Radeon 7950 3gb DDR5 PCI-E 3.0

            with 16.8.2 Crimson display driver

            Windows: 8.1 64bit


            I've had this computer for 3 years and never a problem.  I have been updating the display drivers forever, but this was the first time I expressed installed from the little tray icon in the right hand corner of my screen.  I usually go to this website and download manually.  Other info you may need:

            - my keyboard and mouse have always been plugged in the usb2.0 ports , never the blue 3.0

            - while trying to solve this problem I have been in the bios.  THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE WORK WHILE IN BIOS.  Other than that, the bios look all Greek to me.

            - I unplugged my computer, plugged it back in, now I see the white mouse curser, in the middle of the screen.  Never saw it until unplugging.

            - I've tried using other usb keyboard and mouse, to test , they dont work either.

            - I actually got Windows 8.1 in safe mode , keyboard and mouse don't work there either

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                Since you have an Intel motherboard, then the AMD display driver have nothing too do with the keyboard and USB drivers.

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                    I read when I clicked "express install" AMD installed chipset drivers,,,SATA, USB, etc...so the installer might have uninstalled my old drivers and now they dont work.  Problem is, I thought I went through the right instructions for reinstalling my old chipset drivers but the keyboard and mouse still dont work.

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                      Sorry but you're wrong!

                      I've got an Sapphire Radeon R9 390X and have many troubles in my system where i posted 1 Thread and one Driver Survey to AMD!
                      No one of AMD was nice enough to answer on my big issue thread. So thanks at this point!


                      The Problem depends on drivers since "don't know when exactly". In my AMD System the Card works pretty fine. In the new Intel System which i build up i changed completely new components to find the issue and believe it or not - after installing the Crimsondriver AFTER August 2016 there are massively USB Dropouts under Intel and Asmedia USB Ports.


                      My Specs:

                      • AMD Graphics Card
                        • Sapphire Radeon R9 390X Nitro
                      • Desktop or Laptop System
                        • Desktop
                      • Operating System
                        • Windows 7, Windows 10 both 64 Bit
                      • Driver version installed
                        • Crimson from July 2016
                      • Display Devices
                        • 1 HDMI (same issue on Displayport or DVI) Samsung SyncMaster BX2331
                      • Motherboard
                        • 2 Boards tested: ASUS X99-A II, ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer
                      • CPU
                        • Intel i7 6800K
                      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                        • Xilence 830 Wattage
                      • RAM
                        • G.Skill RipJaws 4 RED 32 GB (4x8GB QuadChannel) 2400 MHz



                      Tested under Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 64 Bit). Reinstalled Windows 12 times in one month to find out the issue that it depends on the Driver.
                      DPC Latencychecker under Windows 7 reports first nothing and after starting a Software which uses DirectX it starts massivly lagging caused instability of USB Ports.
                      Under Windows 10 checked with LatencyMon which is reporting issues with the dxgkrnl.sys and sometimes USBPort.sys (which results in ASMedia or Intel Drivers for my Setup). My Keyboard and Mouse are USB (Keyboard Speedlink Parthica - Mouse Speedlink Prime Z-DW). The Keyboard has a RGB Light in the middle top. If i run a DirectX Software the Light begin to flicker. Sometimes under Windows 10 some Windows starting to flicker. Sometimes the Graphiccard driver crashes when i start Adobe After Effects. Sometimes OpenGL crashes and can't load up correctly.


                      Got massive Emailtraffic with my hardware dealer where i RMAed the Mainboard and the CPU to find the Issue. Now i posted it before 3-4 Weeks in the AMD Forum, Intel Forum and started contact with Sapphire itself. Sorry AMD but, you're just kiddin that Sapphire itself has no option to inform you that something is wrong with your driver 'cause theres no option to contact AMD for driver issues about an driver issues formular? Only a "Driver Survey" is present?! Thats weak...



                      So please AMD... don't say again the drivers won't be the problem. Tested the whole System with my old NVIDIA GeForce 660. Hey... everything works fine! After changing the GPU again and uninstalled the whole GPU drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) the Problem is still there.


                      If you now don't believe it that AMD shot a great buck then i can film it...
                      And by the Way. Every Driver was tested an older Version and a newer Version (Chipset, Intel MEI (updated ME Firmware yesterday...), Network Drivers, Realtek Drivers and so on).






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                    Ok, ran the Intel driver update.  Says everything is good.  I took one last look in the device manager.  My keyboard and mouse are under "Other Devices" two of each are listed with exclamation points.  However, they are also listed under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" as "USB Composite Device". When I unplug my keyboard and mouse they both disappear from both catagories , "other devices" and "universal serial bus controllers".  Anything I could try next?