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    RX 480 driver gives artifacts over the whole screen.


      Hey guys,


      I just built a whole new computer, everything is new and I'd assume all my hardware is installed correctly. (Windows 10 Home works.)


      Unfortunately, when I downloaded and installed the drivers for my brand new RX 480, it turns my whole screen into a rainbow/negative coloured mess. I have been searching a whole day over the web to see if there are any solutions, but in fact, I seem to be the only one with this problem.

      When the driver for my RX480 is installed, the resolution is perfect for my screen, but I can barely make out what the programs are saying. I managed to uninstall the driver and the colours returned to normal on restart, obviously resulting the resolution to become crap again.


      I did this several times (one time by finding the driver on the website, and one time by the automatic driver installer on this website) and had hoped it would make a change, but unfortunately..


      If anyone could help me here, please.



      Edit: And if it affects the driver in any way, my Windows 10 driver "Management Engine Interface" driver is corrupt and my system wont shut down properly. I have to manually turn it off, feeling sour every time I have to "suffocate" my PC.


      If it is really necessary, specs:

      - Intel Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz

      - Sapphire Radeon RX 480 8G

      - SSD SanDisk PLUS 480GB (Primary slot)

      - Seagate 3TB HDD (Secondary slot)

      - G.Skill Ripjaws16 GB Ram DDR4

      - Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI

      - Be quiet! Pure Power 9 CM 500W