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    Your PC development


      I finally can say that AMD is my partner for all my computer parts for nearly a decade now.


      Everything started with an Athlon 7750 in a complete PC paired with my first seperated graphics card purchase right after that, an HD 4670.


      Enough Starcraft, AoE and free to play gaming, but within time I simply wanted to have more possibilities so my walkthrough of PC rig upgrades went over an HD 6970 to an R9 280x finally to my Fury X which I am using for 10 months now.

      CPU wise my PC developed from an Athlon 7750 to an FX 8120 to an FX 9370.


      What is your PC history with AMD?

      Just post your details below



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          Heh, HD 4670 GPU. I am still rocking on that exact GPU today -> VGA GIGABYTE HD4670 1GB (128) aktiv 1xDVI DDR3 I am unable to launch new games but it's still working perfectly after all those years.


          I am hoping to upgrade it to RX 480 this year but the prices at my local shops are still ridiculous (300+ euro). I can get GTX 1060 for cheaper than RX 470 or R9 380... That GTX deal is very nice but I really want an AMD card so I have decided to wait a bit to see how the prices develop. Unfortunately current price of RX 480 is way more than I can afford to spend on any kind of GPU right now.


          Anyway more than that I want to upgrade my CPU. Can't wait to Zen to come out. I hope it won't have crazy local prices like the GPUs currently have.

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            The first computer I built was with an AMD athlon 750k, I was 14 at the time, and I had a very limited budget. I had completely overlooked the fact that I had no on-board graphics. It wasn't a mistake per-say, but intentional because I thought that I had salvaged working GPU's from an old Dell workstation. When i went to start my computer I realized I had no video so I went to buy the cheapest GPU I could get.

            Honestly for a first build it didn't come out bad, especially for having minimal experience despite disassembling and reassembling multiple old PC's in the past. I had a lot of fun with the 750k, I played around with overclocking for the first time and it was an amazing experience. That's when my love for PC's really kicked off. I kept investing all of my birthday and Christmas money that I would get just to upgrade my computer. I eventually ended up buying a Corsair H80i to put in my computer ( only to re\alize that my hand me down case couldn't fit it, which required me to retro fit it onto the case).


            When I was installing the thing, I came up with the Idea to start a little youtube channel to share my love for PC's, the H80i installation was the first video I posted (and man was it bad) but I kept doing the youtube thing regardless of my popularity. I'm currently 17, have had a sponsorship from AMD until recently, and am still running my youtube channel to date


            Check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/adrtechreviews