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Windows blue screen error message atikmpag.sys all windows

Question asked by podara on Aug 27, 2016

Hello all, I have a problem with my AMD graphics. I don't know that it was drivers issue or hardware issue,but i try install many version of AMD driver, but it always error blue screen atikmpag.sys. I try follow to many website that post about this atikmpag.sys or atikmdat.sys,but it not work for me. So i try format windows and try install AMD graphics driver,but still error blue screen atikmpag.sys. I think this issue cause by AMD graphics card,but i'm not sure. For Intel HD graphics card is still work all windows. If it issue by hardware AMD card, how can i do for fix it. One more think my laptop fan still work ,but when i go to diagnose system, it error fan system. Dose this problem cause by fan? Please help me...! 

My laptop model : Dell vostro 3450 64bit ,

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz,


Graphicse: Intel HD graphics 3000 with AMD graphics card.