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how to make W7100 to issue an output signal with the required resolution without any scaling?

Question asked by timmusin on Aug 27, 2016


Сould you solve our problem with AMD FirePro W7100?


We have videoserver (Win 7 64-bit) on W7100 and 3 WUXGA projectors, Sony CH-370 (max resolution 1920x1200). We use active DP-DVI adapters & DS Vision HDMI extensions (max resolution 1920x1080).


We need to get picture in 1600x900 resolution on each of our projectors.


When we connect the projectors one after another - Windows & AMD Catalyst see our projectors in native resolution (1920x1200); then we switch the resolution to 1600x900 - and they all work and we see pictures! But when we reboot server our settings are not saved: we'v got 1920x1200 resolution on each projector and accordingly have no picture. If after this we switch the desired resolution (1600x900) - picture appears on only one of the projector.

Also when we connect the projectors at the same time (as usual) picture appears on only one of the projector in 1920x1200 resolution & inside it desktop in 1600x900 that is actually W7100 makes scaling.

Sometimes we succeed to get 1600x900 picture on 2 of 3 projectors

Сhange any settings has not led to a positive result.


Server spec:

ASUSX99-A, LGA 2011-3, ATX

INTEL Core i7-5820K, LGA 2011-3

Crucial, 4xDDR4-4Gb,2133MHz

AMD FireProW7100 HP

Samsung 850 PROSeriesSSD128Gb


In fact, the main question: how to make W7100 to issue an output signal in 1600x900 resolution without any scaling?

I will be grateful for the quick response!