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AOD Changing Voltage When Waking from Sleep

Question asked by sneakyb on Aug 26, 2016
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I've been using AOD for quite a while now and I have an issue I can't seem to figure out.


First, my system details:


ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MoBo

AMD FX-8120 Black Edition

8 Gb Crucial Ram

Windows 7 Ultimate x64


I have AOD set up like this:




Whenever it comes out of Sleep mode, it looks like this:




I have saved my preferred setting through the 'Preferences' section. I have saved it as defaualt configuration. I have checked through the entire registry to see if something was saved there to keep insisting this high voltage profile.... I have even deleted all the profile .xml files in the AOD folder all to no avail.


Is there something or someplace I am missing that it is saving its own .xml file??

I really want to fix this because it is loading my system with a cpu voltage of 1.4v in Turbo. This is very dangerous and may fry my cpu...


Help, please??