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    RX 480 Fan speed changes for no reason?


      Recently i've been having a strange issue with my RX 480, the RPM of the video card randomly  sparks from a regular idle 750RPM at 40C to 3000-5000 RPM while the temp is still the same. This never happens while i'm gaming either which would make more sense since the temps are up. This usually occurs when i'm surfing the web or simply watching a movie. Why does this happen?

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          1 thing i forgot to mention, using Wattman makes 0 difference,  manual fan speed control is either broken or just doesnt work for me..

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              Hi. Oddly enough I'm having problems with my 290x that I think is similar. Do you happen to have a manually added program?


              I can replicate the problem on my card. With 16.8.2 Manually added games/applications with anything other than default settings make the fan do exactly this.
              Specifically it happens 100% of the time if I change anything in profile overdrive for a specific profile that was manually added.


              For example. Elder Scrolls Online. Crimsom picked up the launcher through scan, but I had to manually add the ESO64 x64 bit client to the list. And added a specific overclock to that profile. When I boot the game, it changes the clock and power limit. But fans ramp to 100% almost instantly then will drop. I first noticed they were ramping up every time I launched my ESO profile, but they were working, and it was overclocked, and fans are cheap, so I'm not worried about it running at 100% really. Well a few minutes in and I start getting performance loss. I was messing with in game settings so I figured I changed some graphical setting caused the hit, then my left monitor dies, then my right monitor dies. I alt f4 and shut down everything, open up hwmonitor and boom 98c on the gpu, open up crimson, boom fan speed 20%. Thankfully I caught it "soon enough" and nothing is damaged. I downloaded Speedfan and set a custom curve, and it seems to be working now as it should.


              I can replicate it every time, with any profile that's manually added, and has had a change in the profile overdrive (GPU/Mem/powerlimit) etc. This similar problem happened a few months ago. So I'm really not surprised, rather I'm surprised I haven't read any information on it, other than this post. I suppose most people probably just use MSI or something alike.


              Hope that helps

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              I have the same Fan issue. I believe it is a driver bug related to DXVA.

              I will suggest also to report this to AMD Issue Reporting Forum :


              Especially describe what action is doing when Fan goes wrong.


              These are some other issue posts but also included Fan runs to top speed unreasonable issue :

              RX480 Fan Jumps to 100%

              Blue Screens on RX 470 D: 16.7.3 W: 10 64 bit

              DXVA on RX460 , 0Mhz reading questions.


              As for manual fan speed control, for me it works but not acted as what we thought, I wonder if this is a driver issue too.

              After setting new fan speed. It will not take effect instantly. It only began to spin when temperature is reached to 60 degree C.

              Once it began to spin, if the temp. keeps at high, it will reach to top(target) speed that you set.


              As for min speed, it will not so noticeable to observe. Only top speed can be observed clearly.


              When you close game and temperature down to 40 then fan will stop again.


              Another example. If I set target to 40 degree C, Fan should spin always since the temp will never lower than 38 degree C, but still it will not take effect.

              We still need to stress GPU to over 60 degree C to make fan starting to spin. Then it will always spins (though in top speed which you set, I believe this is not really what we want.)


              This is my case, maybe you can try it. Also this can not prevent Fan goes wrong.


              In this  pic you can see, I have 39 degree C and have 2517 RPM(I set target speed to 2800 manually). Still notice that it will not take effect when you set target temperature to 40 degree C. Only stress the GPU to over 60 degree C , then it keeps running the Fan.


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                i made a topic with the same problem with my asus rx480  i tried 16.7.3 and 16.8.2 driver fan goes randomly 100 percent and then goes to 0 percent whats next? overheat and pc shutdown. spend 320 euro in greece. for 1 card which. auto fan dont work . manual dont work. and the last and better goes from 100 to 0 rpm to kill my card.... whats next amd? fire on my computer?

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                  • Same issue with Gigabyte RX 480 G1 8GB.
                  • Flashed F5 BIOS in safe mode/normal (normal mode first as i forgot about safe mode) Windows 10.
                  • But no way to verify if my RX 480 is actually on F5 bios.
                  • XTreme Engine from Gigabyte says it is F2 bios but i clearly flashed it (notice the Xtreme engine software is older than F5 release day be almost 1 week; maybe why?)
                  • My Reddit post about the same issue, go support it!