Blue Screens on RX 470 D: 16.7.3 W: 10 64 bit

Discussion created by nankura on Aug 26, 2016
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  • Problem Explanation - During Video playback the graphics card Fan will up to Max RPM for no reason and get stuck there, and i will receive a BSOD that states THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER_M heres a screenshot of details - Gyazo - d90f5b3052a272640f9b6d66c07b5186.png
  • GPU Brand and Model - SAPPHIRE Technology Nitro+ 8GB Sapphire RX 470
  • Last known Installed Driver Version - 16.7.3 ( 16.7.8 wont install, and 16.7.2 gives me only 2 installation options even after a safe mode DDU Sweep  and ccleaner )
  • Operating System Version - Windows 10 64 Bit Anniversary latest build
  • Motherboard Brand and Model - ASUS H110 M-E
  • Model and Brand your Monitor including resolution and adapter info (exp: Asus MS 238, 1080P, DVI to HDMI) Dell Ultrasharp U2414H Display Port
  • Display Connection Method, example: (HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DVI, Displayport 1.0, Displayport 1.2) If more than one please list and what display is connected to each.

Display Port Connecter

  • Motherboard using UEFI boot mode? Yes / No / Unknown - Yes
  • Motherboard Bios - 1803 Latest
  • If you previously took screenshot of your Radeon Settings / System / Hardware tab please attach it to reply post - Gyazo - 87374d095cef6676d717fd9587ec0d81.png
  • If you are able to take, DxDiag Report would be extremely helpful ( attach it to your reply post)


I hope this was helpful, my issue occurs mostly during video playback, i have K-Lite Codec pack installed. so im not sure if theres a conflict happening or what.


Id also like to add that Sapphire spoke to me since ive been beta testing the new Trixx software. and they explained that also have noticed the Bluescreen i was receiving ,a big company. and they are reporting it to AMD on their end


Things i have tried

- DDU wipe, install 16.7.3

- Install 16.7.8 - Will not install with windows 10 Anniversary update - receives an error.

- Install 16.7.2 ( the more regarding "good" driver, wont install. i only get an option on the installer to install USB Drivers and AMD Control Center, even after a DDU Wipe )

What i have yet to try -  Windows 7 ( tends to solve everything )


Any help would be appreciate, but i have a feeling this is related to the Windows 10 Anniversary update and something going wonky with Windows 10 and AMD Drivers. especially since Sapphire CONFIRMED they saw the same issue and its not just me