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    Sapphire RX 470 OC GPU running at 100% when idle-


      GPU load(as seen it CPUz - will ramp up and down 0% - 100%, and sometime stays at 100% when Computer is at Idle

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          It's an issue with the newest drivers.  It is also affecting the RX480 as well as I experience it too.  Here are some work around for now :


          1.) Download & run GPU-Z on startup. Watch the clock speed of the GPU. If it's 100% maxed out, hit the restart button on your pc.  Clock speed should be around 300mhz on desktop with nothing running.


          2.) DO NOT let your computer go to sleep, because waking it up will trigger the 100% load issue.   When you're done using the pc turn it all the way off.  Then turn it back on when you need to use it again and go to step one above.


          Hope that helps!  AMD is aware of the issue and they are working on it.  I've spoken to AMDMATT about it and gave him all my findings the first night it was happening.    Hang in there, they're working on updates.  It's new tech on new software, so these types of things happen, but following the steps I laid out will help you stay more stable.