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higly material issues concerning Directx 12, amd hd3d related to latest radeon drivers (freesync too) for R9 290

Question asked by icatalin32 on Aug 26, 2016
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Hello AMD support team,

Hello all,


I have serious issues with AMD Radeon drivers, the situation is dramatic in my opinion and that's what made me decide to underline it here, to share my views and to see if there are others who experience similar problems for their Radeons R9 290 or other AMD Radeon gpus in Windows 7 (x64) or Windows 10 (x64).

In fact, after testing and switching between catalyst/crimson drivers, I have the picture for Radeon R9 290 (all below is my personal opinion and from my personal testing, the issues should be further tested):


1) for AMD HD3D - last working driver : version 14.12 ; this driver has no problems for 3d native games (I'm not talking about SBS or OU, just pure native frame packing for games that have native support); sadly, this driver is limited to Windows 7 use, for Win10  there is no fix since all the following driver version have problems when using AMD HD3D mode imo, I've checked them all, this is bad news for win10 native 3d gaming for anyone with a R9 card if that's indeed the case here;


Don't get me wrong though: amd hd3d activates itself, I mean when I start the game (I take Tomb Raider 2013 as the exemple but the issue is the same for all native 3d games, the same problem steaming from driver) the picture on my tv switches to 3d mode (1080p/24 hz 3d on my active shutter sharp 60" aquos or my LG 42" 3d passive mode) BUT, and here starts the problems, THE 3D is broken, I mean it doesn't properly renders itself, I get somehow a mix of foreground in the background or background in foreground. It's weird but definatelly amd hd3d part of the driver doesn't render correctly the 3d mode. If I revert to omega 14.12, then I get perfect 3d rendering mode.


Another missing "part" in 14.12 driver is imo "freesync" support. I have a monitor with freesync capability (an AOC model). Because I want to be able to play native 3d games aswell (Tomb Raider for ex), I can't benefit from my screen freesync capabilities for the other games I own because I have to stick to 14.12 driver, otherwise I  would loose proper 3d support. This is indeed very bad.


2) for DirectX 12 mode to be properly enabled in Win10 gaming for my R9 290 (to be able to run a game in DX12), I've checked all drivers following version 16.3.2 and all prohibit me to access dx12 mode, the games refuse to start on dx12 mode, I get start crash to desktop asap. The only driver for my Radeon R9 290 which allows DirectX 12 is version 16.3.2 and I guess all the previous versions (or maybe not).


In this case, I have freesync suport but I don't have proper stereo 3d support and I can't play my favorite 3d native games. Again, bad news.


My bottom lines: AMD care less about fixing issues, they don't read the forums and don't even care about the driver feedback forms I sent. This is really bad and in this particular issue (very important issue since drivers are more important sometimes than hardware), I guess Nvidia wins.

Keep up the good work AMD. This is indeed bad because at hardware and price/quality level, you guys know how to please the customers.