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    Thread Stuck in Device Driver (atikmdag.sys), System Thread Exception Not Handled (atikpmag.sys), Video Dxgkrnl Fatal Error (dxgkrnl.sys)


      THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER is the most common. Getting any of these crashes: Either within a minute of booting, while running firefox at any time, or while running *ANY* applications that may or may not use hardware acceleration. No particular trigger in games, assuming it doesn't crash initially. Longest stable is maybe half an hour. Problem manifested about a month ago, and has become increasingly problematic. Video stress tests don't show any signs of failure, nor do they BSOD themselves.


      Computer is literally unusable, I've had to disable the video adapters so it's running on the Microsoft Basic Display Driver. Doing so also fixed a black screen hang before the login screen which had been an issue since purchase.


      Already tried:

      -DDU clean uninstall, reboot, and reinstall through windows update

      -Full windows reinstall

      -Video and memory stress tests, no errors I can find

      -Uninstalled Raptr, Quickstream, Play.tv, etc bundled AMD extras


      There is only one version of driver available.

      There are no BIOS updates available.

      This is an APU-crossfire laptop, the only official option given is to leave windows update to install the drivers. AMD no longer provides the driver packages online, and windows refuses to other versions including those originally provided by OEM and the later legacy versions.


      For all I know the versions pushed by windows update are now bad, but I don't seem to have another option.


      System info:

      OS: Windows 10 64bit

      Video adapters:

      AMD 6620g (15.201.1151.0)

      AMD 6750 (15.201.1151.1008)

      Motherboard: HP 358D

      CPU: AMD A8-3500

      6 GB available RAM