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Radeon Settings 'setttings' not reset under user account when completely uninstalling drivers

Question asked by assiduous on Aug 25, 2016


I've been trying to identify why i cannot get zero core power working with my R9 270. It has previously worked, with a catalyst driver and MSI afterburner installed, but something has since broken it. Uninstalling and reinstalling AMD drivers and updating has failed to restore it. Recently i fully uninstalled MSI afterburner, and tried both AMD clean install utility, and even DDU - still i was unable to get zero core power working, but i noticed something unexpected - my settings were never reset under my user account as a result of uninstalling. After driver reinstallation, when i opened up Radeon Settings, i noticed that all settings were as they were before install, including an enabled overdrive section. Is this normal? Could this present a clue to my zero core power issue? Under my administrator account the radeon settings are verified to reset on driver uninstall+reinstall. It certainly seems like the AMD clean install utility and DDU are missing something under the user account.

A few system details...

Windows 7 64

R9 270

DVI connected LCD