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Display driver crashed and has successfully recovered - Sapphire R9 270

Question asked by whitehawk on Aug 25, 2016

Hello everyone,


My graphics drivers started to crash like 3 days ago, it happens only when I'm gaming and the game crashes with weird colored lines on the screen and I hear a buzzing noise from my headphones when the crash is occurring.  Sometimes the game crashed to desktop  after it or  I have to force shutdown my PC.


Currently I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege at Medium settings with VSync switched on.


My PC specs:

GPU : Sapphire R9270

CPU : Intel Core i5 3450

RAM : Corsair 4GB x 2

Motherboard :  Gigabyte GA-B75-D3H

PSU : Raidmax RX-500AF 500W

OS : Windows 10 Pro - 64bit


The problem started when I'm using 16.7.3 drivers, then I upgraded it to 16.8.2 Hotfix and the problem still remained, therefore I rolled back to 15.11 beta drivers and the issue is the same. I cannot go back beyond 15.11 I get driver not support error messages in game. (I used DDU before I installed these drivers)


I'm unable to pin point this problem and I've seen posts of many people having this issue and latest drivers fixing it, please suggest me what I can do?