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    Can I install amdgpu-pro driver in OpenSUSE?


      Right now I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.1 and everything works well with my RX 460 but I really want to try OpenSUSE, but I don't see if OpenSUSE is supported by the driver right now and is weird because OpenSUSE it's sponsored by AMD.

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          I'm also interested in a driver for openSUSE Leap for my RX480 card, because Linux is not only Ubuntu and I don't want to use Ubuntu. If openSUSE Leap 42.1 can't be supported, what is with openSUSE Leap 42.2 which is now in beta state? Or is it possible to provide the driver at least in rpm packages for specific kernal/X versions? The available driver for Ubuntu comes in many deb packages.

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              Dear AMD,

              This summer I bought an RX480 as I had seen many clear signs that AMD was playing nicely towards the open source community. In particular the breakthrough of Blender3D rendering on AMD hardware (though the core problem there could have been with the Blender devs - it never really became clear through all the gunsmoke)

              and the addition of amdgpu to the Linux kernel. First-day linux support for Polaris was another welcome novelty. I was confident that at last I could wholeheartedly recommend AMD hardware to people asking me about Linux. Now I'm not so confident anymore.


              It's been months since the Polaris launch and the open source driver is doing just fine on OpenSUSE.

              But some programs still insist on the proprietary amdgpupro driver and that's only been available for Ubuntu - with only a vague hint of a possible promise of drivers for other distros - somewhere, sometime, somehow. If the .deb packages for Ubuntu are made, how hard can it be to put some .rpm's together for the rpm-based distros ?

              We're not asking for absolute perfection from day one, or 24/7 dedicated support - Linux user are an inventive bunch, we'll rapidly sort out any hitches in the install scripts or missing dependencies. But give us the basics, already !


              with kind regards,

              B. Meganck.

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                  Linux has around 2% of market share. Ubuntu (based distributions) take half of that (or even more). openSUSE is not that popular, and not all users have need to use amdgpu-pro driver. So we are looking at 0.1% of desktop PC users in this case. I think any company in situation like this would rather focus on improvements that cover 99% of their products (Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, RHEL). amdgpu-pro driver for openSUSE is in progress, but without exact schedule. I suppose it will be available in next few months for Leap 42.2


                  I am also using openSUSE and will upgrade to Leap 42.2 or Tumblweed (currently on 13.2 and fglrx), even though I probably won't be able to fully utilize my card (R7 260X). But that's something you need to accept if you are non-Ubuntu linux user