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Eyefinity reducing resolution on mixed resolution setup

Question asked by flareside on Aug 24, 2016

I am attempting to set up eyefinity across 2 Dell 20inch ultrasharps (1600x1200) and one Dell 30inch Ultrasharp (2560x1600) using Crimson software version 16.8.2. I start the advanced setup utility and select  the 30in monitor to start with. When I select the two 20 inch monitors the resolution for the 30in is changed to 1280x800, after the configuration is saved the resolution for the eyefinity screen is then 4780x1200. At one point I was able to have the resolution be 5760x1600 and using the setting that allowed the image to fit accross my screens with a black bar on my 30in (which I am fine with). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


AMD 390X

Asus Sabertooth x58
i7 95016GB

1350w Power supply