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    DX MD Game Pausing and stuttering


      I started Deus Ex Mankind Divided and there is a lot of stuttering during the game. Also after the game is loaded and the main menu appears, I clink on continue story and before it loads me into the current saved spot, the game freezes...I can tell because the FPS screen counter that steam has reads 1fps and the activity lights on my R9 Fury X x2 both show one red led activity light. This will happen sporadically during the actual game play, even as I enter into different menus. It appears there are quite a few complaints about this game on multiple forums but I wanted to come to the AMD site to see if there are any fixes from the community or if a fix for this issue currently being worked on. I have tried multiple graphical settings; High, Very High, and Ultra. I turn off the contact shadows, MSAA, motion blur, and VSYNC. Thanks for any help and or comments.


      System Specs:

      I7-6700k OC'd to 4.5 ghz

      Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 6 MOBO

      R9 Fury X x2 (Crossfire)

      Crimson 16.8.2

      Corsair LPX 32gb DDR4 3200 RAM

      1tb Samsung 850 EVO SSD for Games

      256gb Samsung 850 PRO SSD for OS

      1tb WD HDD

      AX 1500i PSU

      Corsair H80i v.2

      Windows 10 Home 64 with Anniversary update installed.

      Ben Q XL 2730z Monitor 2560x1440p

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          Same issues here and 2nd GPU is not active at all.


          AMD 9590 BE + Corsair H105 CPU cooler

          Asus Sabretooth Rev 2.0

          16GB DDR3 2133MHz

          Sapphire 8GB VaporX R9 290X x 2

          256GB Samsung 850 Pro + 3TB HDD storage

          Win 10

          AMD Crimson 16.7.3 and Hotfix 16.8.2


          Both GPU logos are lit one changes to yellow 2nd never changes from blue and I get 34.8 fps max and 3.8 fps min with crossfire disabled but only 32.6 max and 1.2 min with the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (DXMD.exe DirectX) crossfire profile enabled.


          Tried all crossfire profile options available and no change.


          For an AMD Gaming Evolved release someone SERIOUSLY dropped the ball on this and I'm gonna be after compensation (from Square) for having to wait YET AGAIN for support for mature tech to be in games on LAUNCH DAY for once instead of days, weeks or MONTHS later.......


          Why are AMD endorsing this denial of access to their highest paying customers I have no idea... They should be INSISTING that AMD Evolved Evolved titles have full support at launch. Or at least SPECIFY whether Crossfire and multi monitor/VR support will be enabled at lauch or not.


          I paid £3500 for my PC and can't play yet! £250 paying console players are able to.... WHY AMD?????

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            So could I get anyone from AMD to provide me some feedback with this issue? I'm trying to be patient but the game has already been out for a week and I have not seen any driver released specifically for DX MD. Just a simple "Hey we have a driver update in the works which will be released soon" would be acceptable to me. Better yet, an actual fix.

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                There will be a new driver released for that title soon(tm)

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                    AMD Pete,

                    Thanks for your response. I was glad to see the 16.8.3 Driver released. I uninstalled my old driver with DDU and then installed the 16.8.3 driver. I played DX MD and it still stutters and the game pauses frequently...maybe every 3 seconds. When it does pause I see the activity lights on my two Fury X cards go to one red led. My game settings are on high, contact hardening off, motion blur off, temporal AA off, MSAA off, and bloom is set to off. I first ran the game with MSI afterburner and it didn't pause during the game play but it did still stutter. MSI Afterburner did show erratic GPU 1 and 2 Usage. The core clock for gpu 1 stayed mostly steady at 1050 but gpu 2 was very erratic and not staying consistent enough on any specific mhz. In My crimson settings are power efficiency set to off, FRTC at 140 since my monitor has 144hz, frame pacing on....I have also tried the default crossfire profile and the amd recommended profile for DX MD. Any feedback or recommendations for me?

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                  en9dmp and srs13rastus both have good input for you all at AMD. It would be great for a little more feed back besides "we can't say when, just that there is a hail marry that might address the crossfire stuttering issue". I will say that I visited the overclockers UK website and someone else posted that we should force enable shader caching for DX MD .... so I did and it seems to have improved a lot. Not perfect but very playable now. Also stating before a game is released that a game will have crossfire enabled at launch or not would be nice.