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GLSL Bug RX480 Latest Drivers

Question asked by cybernoid on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by cybernoid

I have a function that I have simplified down to this to track a bug down in a compute shader that occurs on my RX480, Windows 7 64bit, but not on other vendors hardware:


Item GetItem(UInt index) { return Items[index]; }


The items are stored in a coherent SSBO.  Seemingly garbage values are being retrieved - but its hard to tell without a step through shader debugger in CodeXL *cough*.  If I inline the function manually it works.  This could be related to copying of structs in shaders perhaps - maybe even related to another work around bug I posted previously regards transposed matrices with no response.


If I change the function to use an out parameter instead of returning the struct as a value it also works.


Also if I copy the return value to a temporary then return it, it then works.


So returning values from GLSL functions seems to be something I can't currently rely on unless via out parameters :-/