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    Old Catalyst with New Driver - Does That Work?


      Given:  The new Crimson suite has dropped two features that Catalyst had, which I need - specifically preset management and manual monitor calibration.


      Another user remarked, a while back, that they had updated the driver but left the old Catalyst in place and found it to work.  That got me to wondering...


      If I keep the Catalyst Control Center from 15.11.1 (the last CCC that I know of with the features I need), and update to, say, the latest WHQL driver via Device Manager, is that combo likely to work?  Reliably?


      Anyone doing this?  What are the considerations?  I'm not familiar with how the components are separated.


      Note that I don't need auto-update features or really any of the features of Catalyst besides loading monitor calibrations at logon via a named preset.


      I'm not trying to solve a problem; in fact 15.11.1 is perfectly stable for me.  It's a workstation running Win 8.1 on which I develop graphics software.  I'd just like to keep up with the latest OpenGL implementations in the driver while retaining Catalyst Control Center to facilitate loading a preset containing my manual monitor calibrations.  I have a particular need for manual calibration and can't substitute a calibration made by a calibrator/profiler because I need to use a specific color profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1).


      Can it work?