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    A state of Zen: AMD unveils new architectural details on its latest CPU core


      A state of Zen: AMD unveils new architectural details on its latest CPU core | ExtremeTech

      AMD unveiled a great deal of information at Hot Chips about its upcoming “Zen” CPU core and architecture. The new chip has been the subject of an enormous amount of speculation for more than a year, but things have heated up over the past few weeks as leaked benchmarks surfaced and AMD conducted its own public test.

      Today’s information dump is the most detail AMD has shared to date — in fact, it’s significantly more information than I expected the company to share until Zen actually launched. Let’s get started.


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          Until the upcoming Zen is released to the public it's all hype and speculation. There's a good possibility it will hit the ground running. Then fall flat on it's face.

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            Guess I just get tired of fanboys pushing advertisements in forums that are meant to help people. Not lead them into thinking some product is what it may or may not be. We should be sticking to the facts. If somebody posted something of the same nature about Intel or Nvidia you would all over it. And that's a fact. Not an opinion.

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              I'm expecting Haswell (or slightly greater) levels of performance.

              That's not as bad as it sounds given that new Intel models are typically 25% quicker than the old Sandy/Ivy bridge models.

              The new wraith cooler was a needed improvement that was a long time coming.

              I don't expect there to be any differences between AM4/Intel motherboard features.

              I would expect Intel to still be the leader when it comes to newer features, higher memory speeds, etc.


              I've seen various TDP numbers being thrown around from 65W 4 core (8t) -> 95W for 8 core (16t)

              Clock speeds around the 3GHz mark max? But it's all speculation.

              I feel like I've been looking at those same 40% IPC slides for the past year or more.

              To be bluntly honest I expect the 40% improvement figure as a minimum just to stay in the game - it's not something to get excited over - they can finally match 6 year old Intel chips.


              I'm not sure what price AMD will be able to put on Zen to make it appeal against Intel's latest.

              Intel consistently make the next model 2%-5% better than the last.

              Intel can afford to drop prices.


              I hope Jim Keller and Co really came up with a solid, scalable, "future proof" design.

              They really need to get into the business/server market for big bucks.

              Not be scrapping the bottom of the barrel in bargain land.

              Else they'll forever be playing catch-up.

              Intel IGPU isn't even the laughing joke that it used to be either.

              I hope it's not another faildozer but the longer the wait/delay (2017?) the more likely we could end up disappointed.

              Shouldn't Cannonlake be released by then?


              Until we see something a bit more concrete than underclocked Intel comparisons in Blender - I don't know what to make of it.
              Unpacking AMD's Zen Benchmark: Is Zen actually 2% Faster than Broadwell?


              At the very least Zen should kill off the dual processor (i3) segment.

              It should be a suitable replacement for my ageing Phenom x4 955.

              I'd definitely be looking at an 8 core model to last another 5 or more years.

              If CPU progress continues at the sluggish pace it's been going at it might even last longer.

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                I have also seen the comparison between broadwell 6900k and zen at 3ghz. Kinda impressive that Zen came on top on that workloud, whic means higher IPC then Intel.


                But 16threads are not my thing, I really want to see gaming CPUs and their price!!

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                    Hidden info aside - I suppose it's a fair comparison given that Broadwell E is 14 nm as is Zen but it's still 2/3 year old Intel technology.

                    I still want to see some real world gaming/production benchmarks - not staged benchmarks.

                    Why not a quad core comparison against a more recent Skylake chip? Are they still a year or two behind?


                    Broadwell E being the enthusiast line of Broadwell chips (14 nm; 2014) which in turn was a revision of Haswell (22 nm; 2013)

                    Isn't Broadwell E a bit of a dead end now?

                    Not sure if I would splash top money on a Broadwell E system today knowing that Intel are releasing Skylake X next year.

                    I suppose there's always the chance at picking up a cheap Xeon v4 in the distant future.

                    Some have done that with old LGA2011 boards & cheap E5-2670 chips that have flooded onto eBay.


                    AMD should be able to squeeze a bit more out of that engineering sample but to be honest I thought they were much closer to release.

                    I'd have thought a future comparison against Skylake X or newer (2017) would be less favourable.

                    If Zen beats Broadwell E by 2% how much more can be gotten out of the Zen design as it currently is? (given that Skylake IPC is already higher than Broadwell)

                    Will we see AM4+ boards come out to support newer revisions of Zen+ chips? Or is this the cause of delay?

                    I just hope the whole thing isn't completely out-of-date before it even releases.


                    As long as the socket mounting isn't godawful, TDP isn't sky high, the performance difference is worse (but negligible) and the price slightly reflects that.

                    Zen should be a good upgrade for anyone on an older i7/i5 chip (Sandy/Ivy), any i3 or older AMD chip

                    Quad/Otca cores for the masses hopefully.

                    For bargain hunters there's cheap used/second-hand Intel chips to consider too!


                    I've read all about the dirty dealing Intel used when AMD was on top so I wouldn't want to feed that beast.

                    I'd expect Quad to become the mainstream and Otca to be the new high end - for those who don't upgrade too often.

                    Given the rate that GPU's improve I wouldn't want to end up with a weak/CPU bound machine after a few years pass.