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Driver for Acer Aspire E1-451G

Question asked by elanordir on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by kingfish

Hello , Its me again , well my laptop have 7640G and 8800M GPU or its Called Dual GPU , now the question is , which driver is perfect for my laptop , i try to find it everywhere but theres no driver that can support my 7640G but also the 8750M , and i got on the AMD Driver site its only support 7640 but not support 8750M , and the others support 8750M but not the 7640G , and also is it true iff i installed the 8750M , the 7640G not working properly , and iff i installed the 7640G Driver is it the 8750M not properly working too , because on the game its only detect 512 Mb , which is the 7640 G , but i try install the 8750M , its making it lagg and also theres feature that i cant use and some other thing , so what i really ask is , which driver or what driver is that perfect or support for my Both GPU


some footage of the 8750M Driver Install


current version of what driver im using now

2016-08-24 (1).png