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R9 270 (1024SP) is dropping to 450Mhz/300Mhz while gaming causing my framerate to drop to unplayable frames

Question asked by jkrmeme on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by wolf_509

I've asked in numerous forums so far and haven't found a fix for my issue. My R9 270 (1024SP) from PowerColor is dropping it's core clock speeds. I don't believe it's a thermal issue as MSI Afterburner is reporting max temps around 65-70 degrees.


In CS:GO my frames drop from around 300 to 60 and in LoL from 144 to 15-30.


I've tried updating drivers, using old drivers, DDU+Uninstall, Uninstalling all GPU management software (MSI Afterburner, etc.) and it still happens.