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windows 10 freezes while installing amd radeon 16.7.3!!

Question asked by bader96 on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by bader96

hello guys!


as you see in the title!


i've tried to detete anything by DUU and reboot and install again and again, nothing changed.


also i've tried to disable my anti vriuses . . and nothing change


also i forammted my laptop and i did fresh windows insatall and i still facing it  


please help!




info and notes might help:



g510 lenovo notebook

windows 10 64 bit

amd r7 m265 series

intel 4600 hd graphics


i fixed it . . here's how:###


i fixed by myself. thanks guys for your comment.


the problem was because of eset smart anti virus . . disabling it dosen't do anything . . you should

remove it complately from your computer "there's a tool in thier site do the job done'.


after this . . you should delete any thing from amd company in the c panel" and delete anything comes with old amd driver, like microsoft microsoft visual  and these things' . . then do a fresh install for amd graphics driver


good luck and sorry for my english