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Problem with drivers on R9 M290X (MSI)

Question asked by aidahoo on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by aidahoo

Hello, I have a rather annoying problem with my MSI GX60 Destroyer Notebook. After release of the first version of Crimson Settings, my GPU won't work correctly. I've been uninstalling and installing different drivers so many times. Yesterday I uninstalled all of them and installed AMD chipset driver from my MSI CD. Now my GPU is displayed correctly, as R9 M290X (with drivers from it was displayed as Hd8970??). The problem is i can't really update the drivers now. System says the release date of  the drivers I'm using right now is 2013, but it also says they're up to date... When I'm trying to download drivers directly from AMD, i choose them exactly for my GPU, and they won't even install. It says that installed GPU won't match the installed drivers. THe problem is it's trying to install them for HD8650, so for the APU. Radeon Setting won't open, it says that i have to connect AMD graphic card first, then the application stops working.

R9 M290X+ HD 8650



Windows 7 x64


I'd appreciate ANY tips that might help.