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    rx 470 black screen and no response with my P67 extreme4 motherboard


      I installed my RX 470 to replace my old display card gtx 285. But only black screen was shown on the monitor, the fans are running and the LED on display card is turned on too.

      Everything is fine if I use my old display card.


      Someone asked me to update the BIOS of the motherboard but when I was doing that the following message is shown:

      "Your chipset verion on this motherboard is "B2", and due to Intel chipset limitations, B2 version chipsets do not support Intel 3rd Generation CPU (Ivy Bridge CPU), so the BIOS update process will be terminated. Thank you!"


      So what can I do now?

      Should I need to buy a new mb or there is another way to solve the problem?


      I am using Maxpower GPA510 (510W) as my power supple, is it related to the problem?


      Please help me! Many thx!

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          Firstly try the RX 470 on a alternate system a friends or something to make sure if it works


          Your motherboard seems to be UEFI (or maybe that was the later version? ) so it should work in theory.  Make sure it is set to use UEFI in the BIOS using your old card before replacing the new one.

          • Re: rx 470 black screen and no response with my P67 extreme4 motherboard

            My laptop intel i5 not switchable + amd radeon hd 7650m  2GB GPU i update Crimson then issue

            started black screen on windows logon. then i clean the hard-disk ,installed new OS windows 8,8.1,10

            when i try install any official stock catalyst or crimson ,DDU,amdcleaneruntlity,registry cleaner.

            while installing display driver issue with black screen crash and some time mouse is showing flickering .....

            i try many driver version not able install stuck or freezing..after only way hard shutdown

            then i try uninstall amd display driver on safe mode then it able to login normal with Basic display adapter.

            now unable to install any amd display driver for GPU it useless...

            i have no found any solution in forums .




            finally i find the fix for my laptop  Amd HD 7650M 2GB + i5 intel


            a.black screen issue when logon and b.installation black screen issue

            1st try with hdmi / vga connected second monitor then try to install  or try to turn on laptop still issue persists

            it a hardware failure gpu dead.try below step it worked for me.

            1. need "air heat gun" and "heat thermal paste".

            2. disassemble laptop fully.

            3.remove heat sink with fan from motherboard clean the fan dust if you have and now able to find chip process and AMD  Gpu in laptop.

            4.read the chip which one is GPU and take "air heat gun" blow up-to 5 to 10 min then wait to cool 30 min don't touch chip.

            5.put the thermal paste on both intel proccess + amd gpu chip place the heat sink carefully.and assemble your laptop

            6. turn on  install any catalyst driver .i have install 15.11 catalyst  (don't install crimson driver it burn your GPU)

            and enjoy

            it working fine for me...

            this very risk i have sony laptop the company is closed . i have no choice to service. i done by myself.

            it help someone keep try any dead gpu and black screen issue