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    HDMI output on Windows 10


      Desktop did an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and since then, the HDMI output seems to be very intermittent.

      Sometimes on start-up it works and then goes off after several minutes, else it fails to come on at all. Everything was fine on Windows 7


      It is the AMD Radeon HD 7700 series with drivers 15.300.1025.1001 (11/29/2015) plugged into my Samsung TV.


      Has anyone experienced this before and do you have any recommendations on how to resolve the issue?

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          Did you tried this method:

          Uninstall AMD drivers after the update and replace it with the latest available.


          You can download it from here:

          Download Drivers

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              Have carried out some additional fault finding and noticed that even the POST screen doesn't give an output.


              Usually when I power on the machine the GIGABYTE splash screen is shown and a bunch of other stuff flashes past before Windows starts to load.


              This suggests to me that it has nothing to do with Windows 10 or associated display drivers because the video signal should be output to the monitor during POST.


              Consequently we have had some rather hot weather of recent weeks and I am therefore leaning towards this being a hardware fault rather than a software issue. Chances are it is the video card and hopefully not the motherboard.


              Is there anyway of running some diagnostic checks to test whatmight be failing?

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                  Had a buddy of mine lose the HDMI handshake ability on his Tv and it was doing the same thing.  Black screen despite the tv saying that something was connected to the HDMI port.  Is there another monitor or tv you can drag into the room to double check and make sure its not the TV?   When HDMI starts, it sends "Handshakes" back and forth between the PC (Or cable box or console etc), authorizing that tv to display the image.  If that handshake fails in any way, no image will be displayed.


                  That's where using another monitor or tv can show you real quick if its the TV or the HDMI output of the PC.

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                      I did already try using another monitor, in fact is was a very old standard VGA type, so I had to use the DVI port and VGA adaptor that came with the video card when I first purchased it. Sadly the very same thing happened using the DVI output, either it did not come on from boot or it works for a bit allowing you to get to Windows and then goes blank.


                      PC is actually stilling running and doesn't crash...you are just blind...so can shutdown safely if you know the shortcut keys


                      I tried swapping the HDMI cable with another one that I use with my Xbox and also connected to another HDMI port of the TV, again the one my Xbox is normally connected to, yet same results...either no display or it works for a bit then goes off.


                      Gut feeling is the card is dying off due to component ageing and perhaps the current hot weather we are experiencing is showing this fragility.


                      If anyone has any other thoughts, would be happy to hear them.