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    AMD discrete graphics driver silent installation?


      Hey guys.


      So we've got these laptops (Dell Latitude E6440's, to be precise!) and for some reason, the person in charge of that order decided everyone in my organization needed dedicated AMD graphics hardware and optical drives (they don't).  I'm working on a way to quickly and seamlessly get these laptops imaged and out to users as quickly as possible, and part of that involves having a series of drivers that get installed - preferably with minimal user input.  Now, I've combed the internet high and low, and found next to nothing save for this guy and this guy (the numerous threads on amd.com are universally unhelpful) explaining how to do AMD silent installs.


      Now, the first guy shows me the command-line switches (which I can also find by extracting the AMD driver .exe, and running "Setup.exe /?" from cmd), and the second guy explains the syntax of the AMD installer switches (MUCH more helpfully than AMD's scarce documentation does), but for an installer and series of packages that hasn't existed for five years.


      All I want to do is perform a silent install of the AMD graphics driver, the AMD HDMI audio driver, the AMD Crimson graphics control panel, and that's it.  I have no idea how to tell the installer what to use and what not to use, specifically, I do not know how to tell the installer NOT to install "AMD Gaming Evolved," which is just absurd bloatware that we have absolutely no need for in our production workstations.  If anyone could give me a hand with that, I'd be delighted.


      Also, if AMD's driver team could put together some simpler, more straightforward command-line switches for their installer, that ALSO would be great.

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          I should add that the following is the code I'm attempting to use.  It doesn't work.  When I attempt to run it, the installer just crashes.


          setup.exe /unattended_install:"..\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF";"..\Packages\Drivers\WDM\HDMI\W764A";"..\Packages\Apps\ACP64";"..\Packages\Apps\CIM_IN";"..\Packages\Apps\CN";"..\Packages\Apps\CNBranding";"..\Packages\Apps\DnDTranscoding64";"..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx64";"..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx86";"..\Packages\Apps\VC13RTx64";"..\Packages\Apps\VulkanRT64" /force_hide_first_run /autoaccept_all /force_close_when_done /on_reboot_message:no

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              The simple solution would be to delete the apps and packages you don't want to install from the folders before installation.

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                Hola Wyo,

                I had some marginal success using your script, BUT instead of the setup.exe, I used <extracted directory>\bin64\installmanagerapp.exe. Per AMDPete, I removed the packages not listed in your unattended_install switch.


                It installed, BUT it had a pop-up that asked for the express/custom install. I can't figure out how to suppress that GUI. If anyone has ideas on that, I'd appreciate hearing them. I have to deploy 500 laptops with a Raedion R6 graphics card, so having a true "unattended install" is going to be crucial.

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                  This might not be helpful, because i'm using version 15.7.1 for unattended installation (our "newest" amd discrete graphics cards are HD6570s), but the command line switches are generally the same.This is the command i use:


                  setup.exe /unattended_install:"..\Packages\Drivers;..\Packages\Apps\ACP64;..\Packages\Apps\AppEx;..\Packages\Apps\CCC2;..\Packages\Apps\CIM;..\Packages\Apps\DnDTranscoding64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx64;..\Packages\Apps\VC12RTx86;..\Packages\Apps\WirelessDisplay64" /autoaccept_all /force_hide_first_run /force_close_when_done /on_reboot_message:no


                  Basically i install all drivers (..\Package\Drivers installs everything inside of that folder, don't need to specify every single driver), and every App EXCEPT Rapr. Sadly the setup.exe don't have a NOT switch, so the only way to not install a specific App is to list all Apps you want to install