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    AMD driver keeps crashing constantly


      Hi, I am posting again here in this official community hoping that someone from AMD experts will answer me with a proper solution for my unending problem with this R9 380 card


      Dears at AMD,


      I have tried each and every solution you have offered, I tried all drivers that could possibly fix the problem, I have reinstalled 3 different versions of Windows including (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7) each time takes me a couple of hours to setup a fresh copy of Windows & drivers, I tried your beta and non-beta drivers, I tried all your Hotfix drivers and your latest 16.8, but I have never received a final solution what so ever.


      You just keep surprising me each time I try one of your offered solutions, I have faced 5 different problems until now, I have seen blue screen of death, I have seen blank red screen screen of death, I have seen blank green screen of death, I have encountered sudden restart and total system freeze with no output into my 60Hz monitor. I have tested this card on each and every game I ever know, each game I tried had a different problem than the other one, from total disappearance of Anti Aliasing, shimmering, shadow bugs, texture flickering, to driver crashes in-game, automatic restarts, blue screens, red screens, and now green screens with weird audio bug. I have spent a whole month since I have finished this computer build. I have spent hours and hours trying to fix it, but none of your drivers worked what so ever.


      But you won't help and I am expecting to see one of your experts go on this thread and say same thing and offer one of your non-working drivers, there is no personal offence to anyone who tries to help, but as a customer I won't ever never go for you any of your cards again, that's a fact, for the second time AMD disappoints me, I have wasted $250 on a non-working card, you will not compensate me, you will keep disappointing your customer, and logically speaking that's a complaint, and I need one of professionals now to tell me how to make it official, if I had to write to your head office I will do it definitely.


      I just wanted to tell you that this complaint does not just represent me as a single user, I know lots of friends facing same sort of issue but even worse, do you know that your RX 480 crashes too? my friend returned it because it overheated and damaged his power supply because the repair center said there was a problem with power delivery in the card so you said it.


      I'll wait for someone to reply hopefully, confirming that my complaint has been escalated with an acceptable service level.


      Thank you.